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South CT Locksmith Store South, CT 860-381-0154Locks are put up on everything today. In order to operate them on regular basis or less frequently, we require keys. Most of the times, we misplace or drop the keys. In addition, there might be multiple people that might be requiring keys in order to operate the lock. It is difficult to co-ordinate time in order to reach somewhere on time. Having your own copy of keys is always advisable.South CT Locksmith Store provides key making services across area.

The process of key making  is more like an art and requires a lot of skill. Professionals from South CT Locksmith Store have been doing this job since many years. They have all made more than thousands of keys for our customers over these years. We have an experience of preparing keys for all types of locks. Be it a mortised lock, a lock that accepts longer and thinner keys or a smart key lock, we have worked on all of them.

There can be majorly two types of requirements:

Emergency Key making

You might require key making  services on a very short notice due to any emergency situation. It can be due to a lockout because of losing or breaking a key. We provide emergency services on short notice to our customers. Sensing the urgency in these scenarios we reach our customer’s location in a couple of minutes. We prepare the duplicate key on the spot. In case we don’t have the tools or material specific to your lock, we will get it made from our store.

Planned or scheduled Services

Most of the times, you will be aware in advance that you require copies of keys to be made. There can be scenarios like you are sharing your apartment with many people. It is good to have a separate copy of the keys. In addition, you might just want to have multiple copies that you can keep at separate locations that are accessible at times of lockout. Booking in advance and sharing the details of type of locking system while booking can prove to be time saving. Our team of key experts will reach you fully equipped for the job.

Your reasons for getting a key made might be any. South CT Locksmith Store can provide you with the best key making services in and around SouthCall us on 860-381-0154 to avail our services.