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South area businesses have great confidence in South CT Locksmith Store technicians for handling security concerns and access management, since we have a proven track record of excellence in these areas. With a very competitive local marketplace, your business simply can’t afford to sustain downtime of any duration because of lost keys or broken locks, so quick recovery from these issues is critical.

For this reason, our specialists work tirelessly to ensure your South small business remains profitable and operational, by providing the best possible locksmith services to Wethersfield commercial clients. Because we provide round-the-clock service, our mobile locksmith workshop can arrive at your business place usually within an hour of your call, to quickly restore access to important business areas.

When you need services like repairing or replacing of old locks, opening and unlocking file cabinets, or service and re-programming of digital locks, our technicians have both the know-how and the training to quickly accomplish the job, and minimize any downtime for your business. Not only will our technicians accomplish the job quickly and effectively, but you can also rely on it being done right the first time.

Lock Changes

Small businesses usually operate on a tight budget, which means even seemingly insignificant business losses can be a problem. The installation of magnet locks or some other practical security solution might be just what you need to prevent unwanted access, and limit your exposure to some kind of business losses. We can also accomplish more elaborate projects, like changing all the locks in an office complex overnight, so no downtime is incurred. The bottom line is that no job is too big or small for us to handle at South CT Locksmith Store, so call us at 860-381-0154 for a free consultation.

Lock Damage

South CT Locksmith Store, South, CT 860-381-0154Locks can be damaged in several ways, including through destructive or malicious acts, as well as normal wear and tear. A damaged lock can effectively shut down your business if it prevents access to a critical area that contains equipment, materials, or tools necessary to run the business on a daily basis. Our South CT Locksmith Store locksmiths can quickly restore access to these important areas for you by repairing or replacing damaged locks, so your business sustains as little downtime as possible.

Safe/Cabinet Locks

Restricted access equipment such as filing cabinets or safes are designed to shield your most precious assets from theft or vandalism, but when the locks on these mechanisms malfunction or become inoperable, then you are prevented from accessing these assets. An South CT Locksmith Store locksmith can quickly restore the access you need to these important areas, generally within an hour of your call.

Emergency Exit Lock

Building inspectors often make a point of checking emergency exit locks, since their proper function is important to the safety and security of commercial buildings. When anything is discovered out of order, the potential for significant fines or other penalties becomes possible. If you should discover anything amiss with your emergency exit locks, call us right away, so we can help you avoid any negative impact to your business.

Key Replacement

When business keys go missing, your employees may not be able access the inventory, tools, and equipment which drive your business every day, and that can lead to even worse problems. We realize this at South CT Locksmith Store, and that’s why our locksmith technicians make a point of arriving quickly at your location to restore access as fast as possible.

Master Key Systems

South CT Locksmith Store locksmith technicians also excel at Master Key system implementation, allowing the most trusted members of a company’s staff to secure vital company resources or trade secrets. South CT Locksmith Store locksmiths can also create a sub master key system, allowing you to determine the level and type of access required by each employee’s job duties.

The locksmith services we provide are used by many local businesses, including:

Master key systems allow your most trusted employees access to the company’s trade secrets and most important assets, and that’s why we recommend such systems at South CT Locksmith Store to many of our commercial clients. Our South CT Locksmith Store locksmiths can also install sub-master key systems which allow access by responsibility to employees who have various levels of security clearance.

These and other locksmith services we provide are used by many local area businesses, such as:

South CT Locksmith Store, South, CT 860-381-0154

  • Restaurants
  • Office Spaces
  • Assisted Living Care Centers
  • Business Outlets
  • Schools / Universities
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments
  • Banks

Our South CT Locksmith Store locksmiths have long been helping businesses throughout the South area with the preparation and installation of all kinds of security systems needed by modern businesses. Some of the on-demand services we provide are changing out mailboxes, unlocking or repairing different types of safes, and cutting off old rusty padlocks. Whether your business security issues are relatively basic or fairly complex, we can help you resolve all your concerns with the many years of experience and knowledge that we bring to the job. You can count on us to always be there to support you anywhere in the South area.