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South CT Locksmith Store South, CT 860-381-0154Having tenants at your home or commercial property can be satisfying as you know your asset is being used. You are being paid by the tenants and you have an additional source of income. All goes well when you are getting the rent and the agreement is being followed. However, trouble might arise when the tenants are unable to pay rent or do not follow the terms of agreement. This is when you would require assistance from external eviction service provider. This is the last option left with the owner of the property after all the attempts to evict the tenants fail. Such tenants can also try to break into the property and leave the property owner helpless. This is the reason why installing getting the locks changed/rekeyed is imperative.

South CT Locksmith Store has been providing professional services to the customers in area, over many years now. We have helped many of our customers by re-keying or replacing their locks to ensure that the tenant does not gain unauthorized access to the property and cause any damage.

Things to do before calling a locksmith:

There are certain procedures that are to be followed in the complete process of eviction. It is imperative that you have approval from judiciary before you may go forward to make use of the eviction service for your house or commercial property. Only after an approval is available, we can go ahead with changing the locks or re-keying them. The locks are changed so that the previous keys are not able to open the lock and thus prevent access of tenants.

Choose South CT Locksmith Store:

Our team is skilled and aware of the legal procedures that are to be followed before the eviction service may be availed. We have the best locking systems that can prevent unauthorized access. We present to our customers with a wide range to choose from. We can also provide guidance to our customers in advance. We can assess the situation in advance and be ready with the locks you choose. This allows us to complete the task in few minutes.

In case the current locks are in perfectly good condition, we can rekey the existing locks as well. Once we have re-keyed the locks, the team from South CT Locksmith Store also does a complete analysis of the property and can let you know about any of the weak areas in the property that are vulnerable. This part can be targeted by the tenants to break into. We then work towards securing these points.

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