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Always believed that forgetting your keys somewhere and not having the spare keys is the worst thing that can happen? Perhaps, you were prepared for the situation and always kept spare keys in your handbag or wallet and in the planter that is in the corner. Well, there is something else that might make you realize that emergencies do crop up without notice. These can make you feel helpless even when you thought you were prepared for the worst. When the key breaks inside the lock, this is what one feels. You cannot do without broken key extraction  services in this case. Most of the residents of area reach out to South CT Locksmith Store for assistance.

Why you might need broken key extraction service?

South CT Locksmith Store South, CT 860-381-0154With your locks, you can never be sure that the situation will always be under control. The key breaking at any time is something you can never predict in future. All you can do after it has happened is use professional help. Unfortunately a part of the key is blocked inside the lock when the key breaks. Even if you have multiple spare keys, you cannot use them. The broken part is to be removed first in order to make space for the spare key to get in and unlock the lock or start ignition of your car.

You should not make an attempt to take out the broken part yourself as this might aggravate the situation further. You do not have the necessary tools required for extracting the broken key and the entire lock might get damaged completely, if you make an attempt. This would require either re-keying of the lock or complete replacement. This is why you must only use professional broken key extraction  services in these scenarios.

Seek out our professional help:

Locksmiths at South CT Locksmith Store can extract keys out of all kinds of locks be it your car’s lock, fuel tank lock, any door at your home or from your vehicle’s ignition. After we complete the broken key extraction job, you can go ahead and use your spare key. In case a spare key is not available, we will craft on for you. Depending upon the complexity of the lock and the type of key, a spare key may be crafted on the spot, or you might have to visit our store in order to get it.
Call us to avail services of broken key extraction service at 860-381-0154 at any time of the day or night, and we will be there to assist!