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When it comes to utility, nothing can beat that which a car provides in our lives today. The convenience of travelling is the most important utility obviously, and your car is perhaps one of your most-prized possessions. However, imagine when the locks and security systems which are there for your vehicle’s protection start to play spoil sport. This is when a lock would suddenly act pricey and any attempts to open it and even repeated jimmying of the key doesn’t open it. This is manageable still if your car is parked at a safe place such as your home or office, but what if it happens in the middle of nowhere? This is where you would need to call upon an auto locksmith , who would be able to get you out of the trouble.

area has many trusted auto locksmith  services providers, which can be readily called for when needed. We, at South CT Locksmith Store, are this team of efficient locksmiths, who have immense experience at handling complex auto lockouts and other issues which can happen with locks. We can also assist you with common breakdowns and problems, which you can face while running your car.

Specialized auto locksmith team:

An automotive security system employs not just any lock which can be readily handled by any car user. The security systems, especially the ones in the newer models of vehicles, are highly advanced and require a great deal of knowledge to work with. This obviously isn’t something any normal locksmith can handle, and this is where South CT Locksmith Store can prove to be different. We have always worked with an understanding driving every action of ours and have hence, trained our locksmiths on the electronic locks and security systems, which are commonly seen installed in modern vehicles.

There is a whole range of auto locksmith service offerings we deal in as well.

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  • Replacement of ignition keys
  • Chipped key activation
  • Lost/stolen car key solutions
  • Vehicular security upgrades
  • New car key making
  • Trunk unlock service
  • Transponder key programming
  • Laser key cutting
  • Repair and installation of car locks
  • Ignition repairs
  • Retrieving keys locked inside the car
  • Extraction of broken keys from locks/ignition
  • Jammed trunk solutions
  • Emergency car unlock

South CT Locksmith Store is the answer to all your lock & key worries. Hire an auto locksmith now by calling us on 860-381-0154 !